Pretty please read this all the way through. There’s cool and important stuff in there!

How it works:

We show up at your event way before your event even starts. We set everything up, then when you’re ready for us to start shooting and printing, we’re up and running in no time flat! We help your guests figure out how to work the remote control – yup, they get to take their own pictures! And they figure it out really quickly, with often one guest telling the next in line just how to work it!

While the guests are clicking away, Andy is hard at work on the computer, editing and processing your pictures so they look amazing, Trust us, the light and the effects we add to the photos make everyone look fabulous. He then prints out the prints, which we hang on a pretty clip board for your guests to pick up at their convenience.

Here’s an example: if there are five people taking a photo together, and they get click-happy and take seven pictures, Andy will pick the best one (or sometimes two) to print. Five 4×6 prints of the same picture (the one Andy selected) will come out of the printer, so each person from that group gets to take one home!

What you get with your package, and other great information:

There are a few different options available when renting the Self Portrait Station, each based on the number of hours you need the booth and how many prints you want for your guests. All prints are 4×6, archival quality, and professionally edited and toned.

Each session includes a thumb drive of all the printed images, sized for printing as well as for social media, that we hand to you (or your coordinator) at the end of your event. No waiting for something in the mail, no coordinating another time to meet up to drop it off. You’ll also get a link to an online gallery and slideshow to share with your guests. From the gallery they can share images directly to Facebook or order extra prints.  Please click here for our current pricing information.

Also included is your provided logo printed on each picture. If you don’t already have a logo, we are more than happy to design a simple text logo for you at no additional charge.

You can choose a custom color backdrop, now included in all of our packages. We can also just use a blank wall, but the colors are so fun and look a lot better, too! Interested in a patterned backdrop?  We’ve got some beautiful and funky patterns to choose from, with something to fit the mood of your event

We are more than happy to scout out your party space for a good setup the day before the party.  We need a 10×15 foot space with electricity hookups. We prefer to set up the booth indoors, as high and low temperatures can make our printers cranky, and wind makes our backdrops sad.

We are so pleased to let you know about our scrapbook add-on for your photo booth package. They are so lovely, and the perfect alternative to a traditional guest book! Click the link for more information, images of an album and to see the great colors available.